While adept at working as part of a team, Trevor is no stranger to entrepreneurial ventures. Spanning multiple professional fields, some of his independent endeavors include Ad Arbitrage, E-Commerce, Web Design, and Internet Marketing, with his most profitable business seeing a regular $3,000/day profit. Perhaps most impressive, however, is his development of an incredibly successful international office, boasting 8 full-time employees at its peak. His love of business, strategy, and anything that feeds the mind motivate his desire to keep innovating.

Indispensable on the team at Paramount, Trevor plays a crucial role in structuring the company’s annual plans and continuously revolutionizing their marketing and technology. His comprehensive algorithm-based sales and marketing database has effectively reduced Paramount’s marketing costs by over half. His innovations have allowed for rapid company growth, ringing in at 117% growth from 2018-2019, and 154% growth between 2019-2020.

Trevor has always been keen on solving problems and has built live reporting features for every department within Paramount, which track pertinent and crucial company data. By creating a storehouse for this data which includes collections, outstanding balances, and returns on investments for marketing campaigns, Trevor has provided his team the ability to make smarter and faster business decisions and to identify and alleviate any potential concerns before they have the opportunity to arise.

Additional modernization's Trevor has undertaken in the company’s processes and communications include building custom programs, software, and scrapers to automate the company’s workflows. In his ever-adapting skill for recognizing and strategically choosing areas upon which to improve, Trevor undertook the project of integrating Paramount’s phone and customer relationship management system and moving both of these, along with document storage, to a cloud-based solution. This, coupled with building new infrastructure to allow remote work without sacrificing productivity, has changed the game for Paramount.

Trevor’s hunger for solving problems has led him to become the diversely experienced innovator he is today. His spirit for helping his fellow colleagues and developing strategy contribute to the exceptional and genuine service that Paramount provides to their clients.