Developers feel the impact of over-assessment can have on their bottom line. That is why some of the largest developers in the state rely on us and bring in the Paramount Team before they even complete the purchase of their new development.

We can help you understand and start the process of making sure the Assessor enrolls the correct value day one, so that you do not need to appeal. You will have the correct amount of reserves for the new property tax bills. If you plan on selling as soon as you are done there are some great tips we have to avoid new property tax liabilities.

When new construction is completed in California a new bill is issued for the amount of value added for new construction. Without a plan in place to budget or foresee pitfalls, it can make all the difference.

Our Tips & Strategies

Often times cost does not equal value. We have been able to successful reduce value below actual cost to build.

Fixtures and items used for the business process should not be double taxed, they should be enrolled as a fixture and depreciated over time.

“Paramount Property Tax Appeal significantly reduced my tax bill. Their constant communication and expertise made the tax appeal process painless for me.”

– George Mayer, Coastline Equity

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