Many companies hire us to handle the entire process. For each location with a physical presence a separate 571-L is required. This creates a paperwork and logistical nightmare.  Many counties have different reporting requirements, and keeping abreast of these requirements often leads to missed deadlines and penalties. Additionally, once a form 571-L is filed and the subsequent bill is issued, there is no reconciliation process to ensure you were assessed correctly. Our Compliance division handles all aspects of your compliance: from ensuring the correct forms are timely filed, to ensuring the categorization of your assets is correct, to reconciling your 571-L filings with your final tax bill.  This ensures you are 100% compliant and pay the lowest tax possible.

For additional information and to determine if your Personal Property Tax has been over assessed, please contact Rob Burden – Vice President of Sales at (858) 800-6930 direct or

“Paramount Property Tax Appeal significantly reduced my tax bill. Their constant communication and expertise made the tax appeal process painless for me.”

– George Mayer, Coastline Equity

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