Through his strategic partnership with Paramount, Jon is able to serve the company as a court fiduciary on real estate, while simultaneously bringing the benefits of this affiliation to his Legacy Asset Advisors client base. Just shy of 18 months with Paramount, Jon has focused his business development work on California hotel owners, sourcing over 125 hotel appeals in just 2020 alone.

With his personal business, Legacy Asset Advisors, Jon has turned problem-solving into his expertise. His persistence and compassion have helped him succeed in managing and enhancing the values of troubled real estate loans and properties for his clients for over 30 years. A good listener, he is proud to have built a lasting career out of his passion for helping his clients with their real estate concerns.

Jon navigates the economics of the business with precision, having received his Bachelors in Economics at the University of Western Ontario in London Ontario Canada. He brings a keen eye to increasing property profitability and maximizing investment potentials, a skill he has honed and fortified through working in the commercial real estate industry through four economic recessions, as well as his work turning around troubled properties.

Jon’s impressive breadth and depth of knowledge, experience and professional relationships are a great advantage to Paramount and Legacy Asset Advisors alike.