David first joined Paramount in 2018, where he became an integral part of the valuation staff at the firm. For over twelve years, David has been licensed as a Real Estate Appraiser with the State of California, which he pairs with his license as a Real Estate Agent, in the State of California Department of Real Estate, as well. To top it all of, David is also a Licensed Insurance Agent with the State of California Department of Insurance. These licenses qualify him to understand the business from three distinct and important angles.

David has also achieved success in his 35 years of self-employment in the fields of Construction, Insurance, and Real Estate Industries. At Paramount, he performs valuations within the guidelines of the BOE and professional appraisal practices. Through all of the work he does, David believes in positive communication with his clients regarding their property valuations and property tax appeals, and strives to deliver effectively and successfully on their behalf.