Special Invitation - Property Tax Review Program


As a no cost service to property owners we have opened up a review program so tax payers can always ensure they are paying the lowest property taxes.


How it Works:

Every year we will review your assessed value, comparable sales and market rents to ensure that your property is being correctly assessed. If we see opportunity to save you money on taxes we will contact you directly and let you know that you may be over paying on taxes for the current year. To get started fill out the form to the right. (below on mobile)


Why sign up?

  • No cost to you for us to review your valuation
  • No obligation to ever engage our services
  • Every year you will have your values reviewed by professionals
  • Professional advice on all property tax questions


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Full Details

If we do find data to support a reduction in value we will contact you via email or phone.  We will give you our estimates on how much we can reduce the property taxes.  At that time we will also advise you on our contingency service fee agreement in order for us to file an appeal on your behalf.  At no time are you obligated to sign up with our services.  We work on a contingency fee basis. This means you do not owe us anything unless we are successful in securing a refund for you or reduce your tax obligation.

There might be an opportunity for us to reduce the property taxes this year and reset your prop 13 base value for  the entire time that you own your property if :

1. The Assessor did not accept your purchase price.

2. Issues with the property that were not disclosed before you purchase the property.

3. The sale of your property came with equipment or business value.

4. The leases at the time of sale were above market.

5. The sale of your property came with furniture, art or personal property.


We Handle Residential & Commercial


Check out a few of our valued clients who trust us with their property tax appeals.


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